Tablets are wonderfully portable, but that portability can also be a problem for longer sessions – when you put your tablet on a flat surface, obvious ergonomics issues appear. The KEKO tablet stand is an elegant solution to the problem. Its elastomer feet protect the tablet and ensure excellent stability on contact surfaces for more comfortable use.

KEKO has four different positions, cleverly designed to keep the tablet at optimal working angles: reading or writing, in landscape or portrait orientation. Because it’s foldable, light and mobile, KEKO adapts to your tablet’s new position instantly. Invisible magnets hold it closed, and it opens like scissors. When fully opened, a special mechanism locks it in position. This system is essential: without it, simply tapping the tablet would close the scissor mechanism.

The KEKO stand is ideal for kitchens, offices, coffee tables, reading, writing, watching videos, viewing photos, FaceTime or Skype sessions and more. You can leave it on a table, ready to be used as a tablet or Apple Pencil station. The KEKO stand is a simple, versatile, fun, attractive object. Most importantly, it gives your tablet dramatically improved ergonomics.